We offer an overview for clients, sitting in the background quietly steering or more often taking a more positive and leading role. Invariably our work comes from the acquisition service that we offer, but it sometimes can lead to disposals.

We try to impress on clients the least-cost option which may not involve a move. A move to bigger premises costs time and money and is disruptive. If an adjoining building can be acquired or the existing building adapted – a mezzanine, for example – this is almost always the best option.

Case Study

Tesco Extra, Bar Hill

Noyes & Noyes was heavily involved in the site assembly and construction of the 130,000 sq ft Tesco Extra at Bar Hill.

This project encompassed a range of skills and expertise, including consultancy and strategic advice. In many ways Noyes & Noyes was the lynch pin for the project as staff within Tesco changed on a regular basis as one would expect of a very large property department and we found ourselves the font of project knowledge.

Over the 6 year period of the project Noyes & Noyes was involved in acquisitions, lettings, general and detailed advice, co-ordination, construction and design issues, liaison with tenants and contractors, and a PR role.

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